Dr Ian Weisberg

Dr. Ian Weisberg: What Comes After an Electrophysiology Study?

If your heart isn’t beating properly, your doctor may recommend that you undergo an electrophysiology study, or ESP, to figure out why. Now, let’s say you’ve just gone through the procedure, and you’re wondering what comes next. Here’s a look at what you need to do in the aftermath of an ESP, according to Dr.…
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dr ian weisbeg, electrophysiology study

Dr. Ian Weisberg: What You’ll Do During an Electrophysiology Study

Your heart of hearts, you know that something isn’t right with one of your body’s most critical organs — the one pumping blood and thus life through your body. As unsettling as this may seem to you, you feel a peace in knowing that you’re headed in for your first cardiac electrophysiology study, or EPS,…
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